You’re invited to a webinar regarding the future of the Mosen at Large podcast

Since August 2019, the Mosen at Large podcast has discussed a wide range of topics from a blindness perspective.

Of course, we’ve covered all the cool tech and had some brilliant guests, but one of the things that has made it special is the remarkable level of engagement from the community. We have shared a diversity of opinions and experiences.

I have an announcement about the future of the podcast, and making it via the podcast just seems too disconnected given the community we have all built over the last nearly four years. So if you have enjoyed listening to and participating in the podcast, I’d like to invite you to a live Zoom webinar.

It will be held on Saturday 8 April at 4 PM US Eastern time. That’s 20 UTC, 9 PM in the UK. In my part of the world, it’s 8 AM on Sunday in New Zealand, 6 AM in Eastern Australia.

It will be necessary to register to attend.

Registrations are open now and slots are limited. Choose this link to reserve your space.

I look forward to meeting virtually with many of our loyal listeners and contributors and sharing this announcement with you.

You are welcome to share this information to spread the word.