In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 8

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen’s life, we begin this episode talking about Jonathan’s use of assistive technology. He remembers the real sense of concern that Windows may represent a huge step backwards for the blind, and his first use of JAWS for Windows.

We learn about the first website Jonathan set up in 1996 and its ambitious goals.

Jonathan remembers the first cell phone he bought in 1989, how much it cost, and how little it did.

Glen asks Jonathan about his involvement with using and creating assistive technology, including his work with Pulse Data/HumanWare and the creation of BrailleNote mPower.

At the time of mPower’s release, it was a period of turbulence in Jonathan’s personal life. He talks about why he wrote his most famous and controversial blog post about the end of his marriage and the start of a new relationship.

The following year, Jonathan resigned his position at HumanWare to work for a competitor, Freedom Scientific. He reveals reasons for that decision that he hasn’t talked about publicly before.

We learn about the starting of FSCast, and his reaction to the arrival of VoiceOver on iPhone in 2009.

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