Is Digg Going to Give us an Accessible, Cloud-Based RSS Experience?

like many iOS users, I have a bunch of apps on my phone that I don’t use very much. It’s just so easy to double tap to install something, especially when it’s free. Digg is one of those apps. When I do fire it up, I often find something interesting to read, but it’s just not part of my daily news consumption habits. RSS, on the other hand, is another matter, and with the demise of Google Reader scheduled for 1 July, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect replacement. The Digg iOS app couldn’t be more accessible. It really is an excellent effort. So I’m optimistic about the new Digg RSS infrastructure, which the company has been surveying users about. Beta News has updated us with results of that survey today. If I can get an accessible experience that works well on iOS, Android, PC and Mac, and it all syncs seamlessly, I’ll be a happy news junky again. There are other promising solutions too, and I’ll be paying them some attention is subsequent posts, as well as discussing why RSS feeds are still, for me, the best possible way to read news efficiently. How about you? What plans are you making given the impending departure of Google Reader, or are you waiting a bit longer to see how it all shakes down?

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