Join Brian Hartgen and me on the Accessible Friends Network to Discuss “Broadcast It”

On Thursday evening at 7 PM in the UK, 2 PM Eastern US time, Brian Hartgen and I will be giving a presentation about our recently released 14-hour audiobook, Broadcast it – The Definitive Guide to StationPlaylist and JAWS for Windows.

The virtual venue for this interactive presentation is The Accessible Friends Network.

If you’ve not used this UK-based, very well-run community before, you can check them out on their site, and if you wish, sign up for a 30-day trial membership, just in time to join Brian and me for the presentation.

We’ll be outlining what’s covered in the tutorial, talking a bit about what compelled us to put the tutorial together, and sharing a few broadcasting experiences.

We hope to see you there on Thursday. Thanks to The Accessible Friends Network for hosting us.