This week on Mosen At Large, welcome Windows 11, happy birthday Siri, and perspectives on being a disabled parent

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Windows 11 is now officially available, although as is typical of Microsoft updates it is being rolled out gradually through the Windows 10 update channels. Assuming you have a compatible PC, you can manually install if you want to. Should you? When you strip away the significant visual changes, is there much of actual value for blind users? To answer some of these questions, our Windows 11 panel returns. I am joined by Matt Campbell and Terry Bray. Both of them have been testing Windows 11 and they tell you what they think.

Have you been testing Windows 11, or have you jumped on the bandwagon following its release? If so, I would be very interested in your experiences.

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Apple announcing that Siri was coming to the iPhone 4S. The excitement was palpable and the initial reviews were positive. I remember lining up for six hours so I could be one of the first in the world to get my hands on a 4S and play with Siri. 10 years on, how do you think Siri is doing? Did you expect that 10 years after its announcement it would do more than it does now, and how do you think Siri compares with other virtual assistants?

Speaking of Siri, I have the scoop for you on why Apple removed a bunch of Siri smarts as we discussed last week, and what the future holds for their return.

And going beyond the techy stuff, I’ll be speaking with the editor of, and two contributors to, a book that looks at being a disabled parent from a range of perspectives. It’s a great read and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the discussion.


As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.


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