In the next episode, blind musicians come together for Ukraine, when a new radio station starts, and Vispero looks to the future

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Our amazing community has put together another informative, thought-provoking listen for you, and it’ll be in your podcast app this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect. You’re welcome to comment on these or any other issues that are on your mind.

The intolerable invasion of Ukraine has created dire need. If you’re a blind performing artist, I’ll be letting you know how you can join in a project you will always remember being a part of, a global benefit concert raising money for Blind Ukrainians.

Being on the cutting edge of technology is always fun, but so too is a bit of nostalgia. As a kid, I always loved it when new radio stations took to the air, some of them temporary, some of them permanent. The next best thing was when an established radio station underwent a format change and made a big deal of it. I still enjoy a good launch. It’s one of the reasons why I have ensured that radio stations I’ve set up have, with one exception, made a memorable event of their launches. There’s a new talk network starting here in New Zealand on Monday, and you can bet I’ll be tuned in for that launch. If you have memories of radio stations that started, their test transmissions, their first song, how they built up to the launch, please feel free to share. If any stations did some inventive things to build up to a change of format, feel free to share those memories as well.

Helping to develop the world’s most popular screen reader is an awesome responsibility, and it’s rewarding. Glen Gordon from Vispero joins me to discuss some new roles that some of our listeners might be interested in. While he’s there, I’ll see how much I can coax out of him regarding the future of JAWS, particularly when it comes to compatibility with the increasing number of computers running ARM processors, which JAWS doesn’t presently support.

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