In the next Mosen at large episode, the world is all aTwitter, and the quiet Braille revolution being planned by APH

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Our amazing community has put together another informative, thought-provoking listen for you, and it’ll be in your podcast app this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect. And if you get in touch now, there’s still time to comment on these or any other issues that are on your mind.

Twitter is a popular social network in the blind community, so like everywhere else, there has been plenty of discussion in our community about its acquisition by Elon Musk. I’ll share my thoughts on this development, which fall into two broad categories. The first is the fact that Twitter will no longer be a publicly listed company, and the second is around the specific individual who has purchased it. I am interested in what you think. Do you care about who owns Twitter, and do you think the acquisition is a good or a bad thing? How do you think the Twitter of the future will differ from what we have today? What would you like to see happen to make Twitter better?

Speaking of Twitter, there has been plenty of interest in the Spring Twitter client for Apple devices following the review of it in episode 175. Thanks for all the positive feedback about the review. We already have some listener feedback about the app. If you’ve taken it for a spin and want to share your thoughts, positive and otherwise, please be in touch.

There was once a time when many people believed that talking computers were going to make Braille, with an uppercase B of course, obsolete. Instead, Braille is thriving, with plenty of technological innovation going on. APH, the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville Kentucky, believe they are on the cusp of delivering a truly viable multiline Braille display that will be capable of displaying tactile graphics as well as multiple lines of text. To get there, there needs to be a file format that takes electronic Braille beyond the simple BRF file capable of storing text. This week, I’ll speak with Greg Stilson and William Freeman from APH about their new eBRF project, why its necessary, and whether there will be any benefits to those of us who have single-line Braille displays. Since William is also the Mantis man, we’ll see if we can tease a few imminent features out of him that are coming to the Mantis and the Chameleon Braille displays.

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