Coming up on Mosen at Large 205, the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had on a Windows computer, is the grass truly greener on the Android side, and would you risk going back after a major discrimination episode?

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Here’s what’s coming up in our next two-hour show that’s got the blind community talking.

I’ve been using computers for 40 years now, and Windows since the 3.1 days, which was a long time ago. But I can honestly say that what happened to me last weekend was the most incredibly trippy bug I have ever encountered. All the details on this week’s show.

There’s more on iOS bugs, including a couple of real-world examples of the embarrassment that is occurring thanks to many people being affected by a focus bug in VoiceOver, which among other things causes a user to call the wrong contact from their recent contacts list.

Do you dream of an iPhone that you’ve had for three years still having a battery health of 100%, in other words, a battery as good as it was the day you bought it? It’s possible. If you look after your battery, your battery will look after you I tell you, and one of our listeners will share their healthy battery success story.

With people being a bit disgruntled about iOS 16 bugs, some people are contemplating switching to Android. A listener who has done just that reports on the experience.

By request, we delve deep into how to read audiobooks on the BlindShell Classic 2.

At the beginning of this year, Bonnie and I experienced some very unpleasant discrimination at an hotel, for which we received a profuse apology, flowers, chocolates and a full refund. We’re going back to that region again soon. Bonnie wants to stay there again, I do not. What would you do?

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