This week on Mosen At Large, celebrating and defining blind pride, wheelchairs offered to blind people at airports, vaccine updates, AirTags unboxed and more

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From time to time, I have mentioned that I am proud to be blind. The disability pride movement is something that I notice is really taking off among young people. I think it’s wonderful, it gives me hope. But this old blind guy has felt an immense sense of pride in being a blind person for a long time. After the recent discussion we had on the show about the idea of a blind culture, I think it crystallised my blind pride further.


From time to time, I’ve received comments from listeners telling me that they don’t feel proud to be blind. Most people take the view that while they are at peace with being blind, blindness is, for them, something that just is. They’re no prouder to be blind than, say, they are to be short or tall. Others feel that blindness is a pain in the butt and certainly nothing at all to be proud of. So I have taken some time this week to really think about this, and I want to articulate on this weekend’s show exactly what blind pride is and why I am brimming with pride to be a blind person.


Whether we’re proud to be blind or not, if our only impairment is blindness, then most of us would agree that we’re perfectly capable of walking through an airport, thank you very much. Yet airports, which can be stressful places, are often also places where we encounter the most patronising, condescending attitudes towards blind people. How do you cope with that? If you get offered a wheelchair, should you just take the damn thing to keep the peace? We discuss, and your views are welcome.


We will have published Mosen At large 118 before this weekend’s show which features a detailed explanation, unboxing and demonstration of Apple’s new AirTag devices, but for those who don’t listen to the podcast version, we’ll play it on this weekend’s show.


And we get updates on how vaccination is going for you. We also send special good wishes to our listeners in India, where things are so difficult with COVID at the moment.


As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.


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