Marlaina Lieberg honoured and celebrated on the next episode of The Blind Side Podcast. Share your memories for inclusion

I was sad to read this weekend that Marlaina Lieberg has died.

Marlaina was one of those remarkable people who touched many hearts and lives, not just in one way, but in many ways. She made a difference in multiple areas and was a tireless advocate, dedicated guide dog handler, technology enthusiast and broadcaster. And that just scratches the surface of marlaina’s impressive legacy.

It was my great privilege to work with Marlaina in two key areas, the early days of ACB Radio when I was its founding director, and at Pulse Data/Humanware when I was Blindness Product Manager.

My plan originally was to begin the next episode of The Blind Side Podcast with a short tribute to Marlaina, recounting some memories I have of her that make me smile and remind me of the remarkable person she was. Then I realised that my interactions with marlaina only represent a fraction of what she achieved. So I’d like to invite you to join me in paying tribute to marlaina on the next, special episode of The Blind Side Podcast.

If you worked with her, was a dedicated listener to one of the many shows she did on ACB Radio over the years, encountered her through local or national ACB conventions, met her in another advocacy or tech capacity, and/or knew her as a friend, do feel free to email or call in for this celebration of Marlaina’s life and legacy.

Please have your contributions to me by Monday at midnight US eastern time.

You can leave them in three ways. The first two are via an email address.

Email TheBlindSide at Mosen dot org. Note I have written out the address a little unusually, to avoid the spam bots. Your email could be written down in the usual way, or even better, you can use the voice memos app on your smartphone or some other recorder to email an audio contribution.

You can phone in your tributes to Marlaina on The Blind Side Podcast feedback line, 719-270-5114.

Thank you for any contribution you feel able to make to honour and celebrate Marlaina’s life and legacy.