Mosen At Large episode 1: Windows 95 is 24, efficient assistive tech, meditate for better sleep, the Dolby Atmos quest and more

Dude! He just couldn’t stay away. Welcome to Mosen At Large.

Now there are some who say, “Jonathan, you’re full of…tech!” And it’s true, while not all episodes of this show will have technology in them, we’re really geeking out with this one.


Windows 95 has turned 24, so I share my memories and we hear some great stories from listeners. I express concerns about funders maybe thinking that less featured screen readers are enough for us to succeed on the job, this could put our hard-won jobs at risk.


We talk about the benefits of meditation on sleep, I update you on my quest to hear the Abbey Road Dolby Atmos mix, and I make the case for dedicated OCR apps like Kurzweil 1000 and OpenBook.

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