Mosen At Large Episode 16, hark, and lo, voting in our holiday countdown will soon close

Hi Mosen at largers. Hark! Hark closely! Verily I say unto you, it’s Christmas, so lo, time is running out to vote in the Mushroom FM holiday countdown. It’s so easy, and participating on the day is such a fun experience. Get your top 10 holiday songs into us today! Otherwise, a song you really like might be low. And lo, that would not be good. Then you might say, “oh, hark!”


You know, having a birthday on or close to Christmas day has the potential to be quite blah. We have a chat about this.


iOS 13.3 is out and while there might be a few accessibility improvements for some, the bugs persist with several listeners chiming in on this.


When you vote in the Mushroom FM holiday countdown, you get an invitation to our Christmas party where you have a chance to win virtual Christmas crackers for your table. Since Christmas crackers aren’t very common in the US, I explain what they are.


A listener points out how to get some very useful visual assistance from Apple if you have two devices.


Aira has a shopping promotion on right now if you need some help with in-person or online shopping.


We have an extremely glowing listener review of Disney Plus, and another from a listener who won’t be subscribing now their trial is up.


It just became much easier to play and sync podcasts between Spotify or Apple Music and Amazon Echo.


Boris Johnson is flying high after the British general election, but it’s interesting to contemplate how different the outcome would have been under proportional representation.


The tension mounts at Mosen Towers as, finally, with the Apple Watch Cellular being supported by a New Zealand carrier, mine is about to arrive at Mosen Towers.


Bonnie is here with her bulletin as we look ahead to the big New Zealand close-down and provide an update on the great Mosen carrier migration. She also talks about how she’s going with her new AirPods Pros.


I explain why as a blind person I find it handy to have a sound mixer on my desk in my office.


I’ve had a bad week with Uber who have refused to correct an error and flat out lied about a trip I took.


It’s been a very tough week for us here in New Zealand following the eruption of White Island and the resulting loss of life.


Do you have any crazy Christmas musical or talking ornaments around the place? We have several, one of which scarily came back from the dead.


Could we be about to see the release of the iPhone 9?


This is the last Mosen At Large podcast of 2019. We’ll see you back on 25 January 2020. You can tune into Mushroom FM throughout the holiday season for great programming, including our holiday countdown and my special shows for both Christmas day and new year’s eve.

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