Mosen At Large Episode 20, why is it so hard getting a refund from Apple’s App Store, tech news and questions, Brexit, impeachment shambles and US guide dog users need to have their say

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In this summary, you’ll find the topic first, followed by the time it happens in the episode.


It’s far too complicated to get a refund from Apple for an inaccessible app,1:28.660

Ridding myself of Google’s invasive data collection,12:34.183

A listener has a dodgy Lyft experience and we talk about rating and ride sharing,14:09.165

A listener experiences odd unlocking issues with Touch ID,21:27.208

A listener responds to the question about leaving your wallet at home in the era of ApplePay and recommends wallet cases,23:12.500

Enabling Google Chrome extensions in Microsoft’s awesome new Edge browser,25:23.695

Most accessible ways to access Reddit, all of them on iOS”,26:43.949. Apps mentioned include Dystopia, which you must obtain from TestFlight, Apollo, and BaconReader.


A listener asks if there’s any way to stop Windows from asking if she likes what she sees,29:27.929

Being in the heart of US primary country,30:34.674

Listener feedback on app refunds,32:39.743

Podcasts on Presidential politics past and present,36:39.642

Brexit and impeachment, an historic week,41:45.153

Listener app recommendation, RSSRadio“,51:58.807

“Overcast has an update where Voice Boost has been rewritten, A big Castro update coming soon”,56:29.320

Sonosequencer is heaven for any Sonos geek,57:38.794

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with Bonnie’s impressions of the Castro Podcast app,1:01:04.372

“Listener inquiry, Getting Facebook to show content chronologically”,1:03:28.658

Big changes may be in store for US guide dog handlers,1:06:12.653

“More feedback on going walletless in the iPhone era, and a hearing aid crisis”,1:13:36.047

A listener asks for typing tutor recommendations,1:18:30.025

“Believe it or not, there’s a browser extension called Detrumpify”,1:19:59.704

“The decade’s beginning, and case of Braille rear their heads again”,1:20:34.801

“A listener inquiry on efficient ways to keep up with news, particularly technology news”,1:22:00.621

“Are we close to the release of iPhone 9? Yes, you read that right.”,1:27:15.155

Former New Zealand Prime Minister and WTO Director General Mike Moore has died,1:28:24.333

“Netflix recommendation, Miss Americana”,1:29:43.797

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