Mosen At Large Episode 26, COVID-19 thoughts and advice, what’s coming in iOS 14, a PhoneSoap Pro review, and new technology at CSUN 20

Hi Mosen at Largers. If you’re in self-isolation or even more directly affected by COVID-19, I wish you all the best. These are unprecedented experiences in our lifetimes, but we will get through them.


On today’s show.



Tips for working from home,1:07.315

Clear instructions about how to thoroughly wash your hands,9:05.152

A blast from the past as a ringtone,16:13.625

Aira Horizon glasses and Uber PIN,18:11.442

Product review of PhoneSoap Pro,20:28.476

Direct audio input for hearing aids assists with accessible voting,25:34.799

Apparent massive leak tells us what might be coming in iOS 14,26:14.331

More working from home tips,35:30.959

Apple Tags,37:02.129


Gratitude for what we have and Quentin C’s playroom,44:01.866

The future of aira,49:31.904

The Bonnie Bulletin red puppy appeal,55:04.253

New Zealand’s response to COVID-19,1:02:06.031

iOS 14 wishes,1:08:39.041

New blindness technology at CSUN,1:13:09.659

iOS 14,1:18:24.204

Why haven’t the Olympics been cancelled yet?,1:19:20.764

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