Mosen At Large Episode 32, Contributions now open for our Mushroom FM 10th anniversary episode, a detailed look at iPhone SE 2nd generation, who needs a note taker these days and more

Hi Mosen at Largers. We hope you’re keeping safe and well. We have another busy podcast for you this week as we prepare for Mushroom FM’s 10th birthday celebrations, in which you can participate in several ways. On the show this week:



COVID-19 in New Zealand,1:05.496

iPhone XR very sensitive,2:27.891

Send in your Mushroom FM memories for our special podcast next week,3:10.456

You can still register for Mushroom FM’s virtual music festival Mushroomstock,5:25.995

The iPhone SE second generation explained,6:51.924

What’s old is new again,21:54.949

Feedback on the new TalkBackBraille keyboard,25:29.116

JAWS in the workplace and laptop layout,28:47.851

Zoom Cloud Meetings audio,31:08.694

CleanFeed is an incredible service for live and recorded audio,37:54.541

Microphone for iPhone mxlmm130 review,41:39.228

Finding inspiration to keep job hunting during a crisis,43:49.803

COVID-19 inAustinTX,49:38.037

New iPhone SE has dual SIM,51:07.060

Update from Madrid,52:47.620

Follow-up to Zoom Cloud Meetings question,58:51.005

Zoom F6 portable recorder,59:41.871

YouTube music on iOS and Sonos,1:05:18.197

Fighting COVID-19 in South Korea, see this Guardian article,1:07:23.842

Bluetooth speakers and VoiceOver for iOS,1:09:16.133

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with a COVID-19 update,1:12:00.404

Note taker options,1:14:59.128

Job hunting in this difficult economy,1:17:05.981

Typewriters and telex machines,1:23:33.756

Running a personal blog,1:29:10.051

The Optacon is technology that has never really been improved upon,1:30:57.528

Focus Blue 5th generation stand-alone,1:33:37.756

COVID-19 brings an end to The Archers 69-year streak,1:35:48.115

Get your contributions in for our special Mushroom FM 10th birthday episode,1:38:51.650



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