Mosen At Large episode 41, Unboxing and setup of Sonos Arc, and serious impediments to blind people enjoying Dolby Atmos

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise to have something you’ve been looking forward to arrive well ahead of schedule? Sonos Arc, Sonos’s new flagship sound bar with Dolby Atmos, Alexa, Google Assistant, AirPlay and phenomenal sound, is now here at Mosen Towers. I had the Zoom F6 portable field recorder running with a couple of Sony ECM77B microphones as my daughter Heidi, son-in-law Henry and I unboxed it and set it up.


Arc runs on Sonos’s new S2 operating system, and while I’ve not had any issues with Sonos before the S2 upgrade, Sonos and my network are currently not getting on well at all. You’ll here how problematic the set-up was for me. I would be surprised if it is this bad for you.


I also want to draw the blind community’s attention to some serious impediments you may find when it comes to enjoying Dolby Atmos content. On my TV, you can’t enable the EARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) feature and have an Android TV screen reader running at the same time. And to my dismay, I have found that in many if not all cases, audio described content is encoded in 5.1 but not Atmos. You have to turn audio description off to get the Atmos.


I hope you find the podcast helpful. Despite the problems, it is a phenomenal upgrade from my Sonos PLAYBAR.


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