Mosen At Large Episode 42, wishes for iOS 14, new Ubiquiti Unifi gear, sight restoration and why blind Sonos Arc users should avoid Sony TVs for now

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. It’s wonderful to be back again with another week of news and views. Thanks for making this such a great community.

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Opening and contact info,0:00.000

Receive announcements about Mosen At Large via email. Send a blank email to ,1:43.614

Follow-up on issues raised in our Sonos Arc podcast,4:24.799

A mini review of our new Ubiquiti Unifi network at Mosen Towers,11:04.013

My top 10 wish list for iOS 14 and some listener views,22:16.358

More thoughts on whether people would take sight if it were offered,51:51.056

Questions about Zoom,1:09:26.147

Exercise equipment recommendations,1:12:59.297

Using a GPS app to make location-specific notes,1:13:59.692

Good experience with the Google Docs mobile app,1:15:12.316

Pocketcasts is a cross-platform podcast app,1:17:28.403

Reddit apps for iOS. Join the Dystopia for Reddit Testflight beta. ,1:19:49.379

iOS Bluetooth keyboard recommendations wanted,1:23:05.241

The case for wireless charging,1:28:48.251

Demonstration of the benefits of using an audio mixer,1:30:06.968

The Tiffany Report looks at Microsoft Teams,1:37:39.168

The Bonnie Bulletin is blasting!,1:42:53.513

Too book recommendations,1:44:29.686

More iOS 14 wishes,1:46:26.144

How are people digitising their cassettes these days?,1:47:14.114

More feedback on Microsoft Teams,1:48:58.806

iOS 14 wishes,1:50:52.594

Use this app in the COVID-19 era to cheer from afar,1:52:10.021


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