Mosen At Large episode 5, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13, the best book you’ve ever read and more

Hi Mosen at Largers. Thanks for checking out this episode in which I discuss my new iPhone 11 Pro Max and a very serious accessibility issue I’ve been trying to get past. If you’d like to read the Mac Stories iOS 13 review I mentioned, it’s available here.


I ask you a challenging question. If you had to pick just one book, just one that is your all-time favourite, what would it be? We hear some listener thoughts; you may get some good book recommendations to follow up.


David Mosen joins me for a Banana Report where he talks about his role in my investiture ceremony, and offers a photographer’s view of the iPhone 11 Pro.


Bonnie and I recount the saga of the lost keys and talk about the investiture ceremony.


A listener inquired about a talking washer/dryer module. Here’s an article about it.


I look ahead to Amazon’s big event later this week, as well as their announcement of Amazon HD, a streaming lossless music service as the lowest price yet.


All this and so much more. Thanks for listening and for spreading the word.

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