My Zoom book, “Meet Me Accessibly”, to be withdrawn on 30 September

We are so fortunate that during this global COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has been adopted as the tool of choice for keeping us connected. If a less accessible alternative had been chosen, blind people would have found this time even more difficult. Thankfully, Zoom has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to accessibility over the last several years.


It was my pleasure to make my audiobook on Zoom, “Meet Me Accessibly”, available free to assist people who suddenly found themselves needing to come up to speed with hosting and participating in meetings.


Zoom has evolved considerably in the last six months. Popularity brings with it the attention of those who are up to no good, so Zoom has had to adapt its practices and user interface to make meetings secure and safe. They have also continued to strengthen their commitment to accessibility.


The result of all of this is that I have known for some time that the instructions given in my audiobook were becoming increasingly outdated. The most recent update to Zoom which adds new keyboard shortcuts and changes the user interface further is for me the tipping point where I feel keeping the book online does more harm than good. I will therefore be removing the audiobook on 30 September 2020.


I cannot guarantee I will ever update it, but I may. Mosen Consulting has now closed and I have a busy day job. However, we do talk about Zoom from time to time on the Mosen At Large podcast. If you have questions or comments about Zoom, feel free to subscribe to Mosen At Large wherever you get your podcasts and send in a contribution.


Thank you for the very kind feedback I have received on this audiobook, and also to the team at Zoom for their encouragement and for making such a great app that is so accessible across multiple platforms.