Subscribe to The Daily Fibre podcast for just a quarter per episode

As a confirmed geek from way back, I love reading the latest tech news. In January 2018, I decided to start a daily Internet radio show on Mushroom FM called The Daily Fibre. It blends the latest tech news with a great mix of music from the 50s through the 80s.


It’s been very popular, but there’s been one frequent request. “Can you please make this available as a podcast?”


Mushroom FM is a voluntary project, and sadly, there’s only so much time I can give to The Daily Fibre without what puts food on the table suffering. Putting a podcast of the show together would take too much time out of my day.


Then, a listener came up with an idea. Why not ask listeners who want to grab the show as a podcast to pay a little for the time it takes to do the work of researching and recording the show? That way, it can be a legitimate use of Mosen Consulting time.


So, here we are. If you like listening to The Daily Fibre on Mushroom FM, it remains available there just as it always has been, aired twice a day for free.


If you’d like to hear The Daily Fibre even before it airs on Mushroom FM, if you want to download the show, if you’d like to hear it in your podcast player and speed it up, and if you’d like to hear just the tech stuff without all the music, then I would be thrilled if you felt that my work was worthy of your support by paying a very small amount for the time and effort it takes for me to fulfil this commitment.


I’m offering a monthly subscription to The Daily Fibre podcast for just $5. That works out at about a quarter per episode. It’s a low low price, but I hope that by keeping it so low, many people will feel able to afford the cost, and I’ll be able to keep the project going for a long time to come.


When you subscribe, you’ll get a link to your own private RSS feed which you can paste into compatible podcast clients. You’ll also be able to download the files as MP3 if you prefer to do that.


In return for your $5, less than the cost of a cup of coffee every day, you’ll get the latest in tech news, with clear explanations of what it all means, and, where relevant, a blindness angle.


I’ll be offering this on a trial basis to assess if there’s sufficient demand to make this a valid use of Mosen Consulting time. If it sounds like it would be of value to you, choose this link to visit the page for The Daily Fibre Premium Podcast and sign up. You can do so by creating a Patreon account and subscribing with PayPal or any major credit card. You’re able to cancel at any time.


Thank you in advance for your support, and for all the interest that has led to this experiment.