The Blind Side Podcast 101, the smart home from a blindness perspective, part 1

The smart home offers the potential for greater independence and control of our home environment. But it’s a bit of a jungle out there, full of disparate systems and many choices. Then, of course, some solutions are more accessible with screen reading technology than others. We begin our series on the smart home from a blindness perspective with some of our listeners offering thoughts and demonstrations.

Jonathan makes mention of Richard Mosen’s new podcast that is sure to be of interest to classic rock fans, called Cover Act. Look for Cover Act in any good podcast app. You can also follow @CoverAct on Twitter, or subscribe to Cover Act in Apple Podcasts.

Mosen Consulting’s popular “iOS Without the Eye” series is read by thousands of blind people each year to get them up-to-speed with the latest version of iOS. “iOS 12 Without the Eye” will be ready for release just before iOS 12 itself is released. Read about “iOS 12 Without the Eye”.



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