The Blind Side Podcast 104, Unboxing a silver iPhone XS Max 512GB

Jonathan Mosen and Heidi Taylor unbox a silver iPhone XS Max 512GB.

Jonathan demonstrates the gestures for phones without a Home button in case you’re upgrading this year. He discusses backup strategies, demonstrates setting up Face ID and more.


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2 Comments on “The Blind Side Podcast 104, Unboxing a silver iPhone XS Max 512GB

  1. Hello Jonathan,

    After listening to Episode 104, I am contemplating moving to the Nax version of the iPhone XS. I have always elected for the smaller screen for the obvious reason of not needing it visually as a blind user. However, it seems you bought the Max version due to easier Braille Screen Input coupled with the increased battery life. Beside those two reasons, are there any additional reasons why you chose the Max version of the iPhone XS? Also, is your new Apple leather case giving you your desired balance of minimal bulk but some added protection? Thanks for all your research, and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Thomas, those are the only two reasons, so for some people they may not justify the increased price and size.
      The case seems OK so far. Knock on wood, I seldom drop my phones, so I guess that would be the big test.
      Good luck with making your decision and your purchase.