The Blind Side Podcast 75, Our very own Alexa skill, adjusting Spotify podcast pllayback, Samsung Galaxy S9, Delta sees sense, ADA gutting passes the house, Anna Dresner’s new book, “You and your Apple Watch”

Episode 75 begins with more exciting news about how increasingly easy it is to hear The Blind Side Podcast wherever you need it. We’re now on iHeart Radio, and we now have our very own cool Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo, which Jonathan Mosen demonstrates.


Jonathan then demonstrates a hidden but cool Spotify trick, how to speed up playback of the podcast when listening through Spotify.


Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S9, complete with some interesting news features, plus others that Apple has abandoned, and some customers miss, such as a fingerprint sensor, and the all-important headphone jack. Bixby has also been enhanced. Jonathan brings you the key points of the launch, and some analysis.


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There’s good news, as we follow up on a story we’ve covered previously relating to Delta’s new policy on service animals. Advocacy has paid off, and guide dog handlers won’t need to provide documentation 48 hours before they fly.


We report further on the ADA Education and Reform Act, which has passed the US House of Representatives and is on a fast track in the Senate. We urge our listeners in the US to be in touch with advocacy organisations to find out what you can do.


Our featured guest is Anna Dresner, who has written a new book, “You and your Apple Watch”, published by National Braille Press. What does an Apple Watch do, why would you want one, how accessible is it, and how does it compare with cheaper alternatives?


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