The Blind Side Podcast 77, Podcast chapters make navigating the podcast a breeze, why Amit Patel puts a camera on his guide dog’s harness, New Zealand Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick’s Election Access Fund Bill

Podcast chapters are a cool and convenient way to skip between sections of a podcast, making it easier to hear the portions of a podcast that interest you. We’ve now implemented podcast chapter support for The Blind Side Podcast. Jonathan Mosen demonstrates how they work using his favourite podcast app, Overcast for iOS.

There are listener comments on travel anxiety, gun control, Microsoft Soundscape and Apollo 8.

We update you with attempts to overturn the Nepalese Government’s blanket ban on disabled people climbing Everest.

Frustrated by constant jostling and rudeness, Amit Patel, based in London England, has attached a video camera to his guide dog’s harness. He uploads the interesting bits to social media. Amit explains how he got the idea and talks about his experiences.

New Zealand’s House of Representatives can hardly be called representative from a disability perspective, with no members of Parliament bringing a personal perspective on disability. Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick has taken up an initiative begun by Mojo Mathers, a Deaf MP who lost her seat at the last election. The Election Access Fund Bill seeks to provide resources to make it easier for disabled people to participate in the democratic process.

Read the Election Access Fund Bill on Parliament’s website.



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