The Blind Side Podcast 79, comprehensive summary of Apple’s Let’s Take a field trip event, CSUN observations, Aira revolutionising our lives

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We begin with information, hot off the press at time of publication, about all that Apple has announced today at its education-focused event in Chicago.

Jonathan Mosen recaps some highlights of his time at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, including a look at how to keep those hard-won Apple Watch goals going when you’re losing a day crossing the international dateline.

Many mainstream tech companies were at CSUN, presenting to and consulting with the community. Jonathan asks why Apple would pass up such a golden opportunity to explain its products and get user help to make them better.

Jonathan and Bonnie talk extensively about their first-hand experience of Aira, the visual interpreter service for the blind, which they consider life-changing.

Aira has a recommendation program, where the person doing the recommending, and the person who signs up, gets a free month. If you decide to give Aira a try, please sign up using Jonathan’s link.

In news this week, we learn about Apple’s proposals for disability-related emoji. We learn of a blind New Hampshire woman whose vote didn’t count because her signature was inconsistent. Finally, it warms the heart to hear when a guide dog discrimination complaint ends in a prosecution.

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