The Blind Side Podcast 87, Rich De Steno, lawyer, game developer and now musician, and what do you want to see in iOS 12 and other next generation Apple software?

Rich De Steno is one of those people who has put into practice the adage that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. As a lawyer by profession, he found there wasn’t an accessible version of a game he wanted to play, so he taught himself how to code in the evenings and wrote the game himself. He then produced a range of fun, accessible games. Now retired, he always had a dream of making music and doing an album, so he taught himself how to do that as well. Rich is Jonathan Mosen’s guest on this week’s episode.

In listener feedback, we learn how you can easily get The Daily Fibre Premium podcast set up on HumanWare’s Victor Reader Stream. Jonathan talks about how Daily Fibre Premium subscribers will be able to get access to a live stream of the recording of the Blind Side Special covering Apple’s June keynote.

There’s more discussion about public transport, and a hint on how to learn UEB.

A listener asks how Aira explorers are keeping their glasses protected from breakage.

Seeking your feedback, Jonathan asks what you’d like to see in the next major versions of Apple software, and for your opinions on whether it’s appropriate to blindfold partially sighted people while they receive blindness-related rehabilitation services.


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