The Blind Side Podcast 88, Wishin’ and hopin’. Looking ahead to Apple’s WWDC keynote with thoughts on what should be in iOS 12 and other Apple operating systems

Apple’s Worldwide Developers conference is next Monday. Jonathan Mosen introduces our expert panel who’ll be part of The Blind Side Podcast 89 in which we’ll provide post-WWDC analysis. And don’t forget, if you’re a Daily Fibre Premium subscriber, you can tune into a live stream of the recording of that episode. Become a Daily Fibre Premium subscriber today.

Jonathan outlines his top 10 wish list for iOS 12. Read a text version of his thoughts here.

We had a stunning number of responses to our question asking what you’d like to see in Apple’s next operating system. We play a selection of 20 of the contributions we received. Thanks for all of them, it was amazing to get such an overwhelming response.

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