The Blind Side Podcast 90, Mosen Consulting’s latest audiobook, Mushroom Escape returns, and an extended interview with Neal Ewers about audio, technology and more

There’s a new audiobook from Mosen Consulting, “The Secret Sauce of Savvy Search” that will have you using Google Search like a boss. Jonathan Mosen describes the audiobook, how to get it, and why it might be the most essential book we’ve ever produced.

Some years ago, Mushroom FM used to have a sister station, Mushroom Escape, playing old time drama and comedy. Now, Mushroom Escape is back. Visit Mushroom Escape on the web, or, since it’s on TuneIn, look for it in all TuneIn apps and devices that support the TuneIn service.

Our featured guest this week is Neal Ewers. Neal’s golden voice is familiar to many podcast listeners. He’s a talented audio engineer, sound expert, musician, technology advocate and much more. In this extended interview, Jonathan talks with Neal about his life and the evolution of technology. The discussion also covers the digital divide, literacy among blind people, and death and dying.

Learn more about Neal’s work by visiting Ravenswood Productions.

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