The Blind Side Podcast 92, Judy dixon’s new book on writing with iOS, meet The Blind Perspective newsletter, specialist blindness players vs smartphones, and should religion ever override civil rights?

There’s been plenty of social media discussion and other feedback following comments in the podcast last week about audio in Windows 10. Jonathan Mosen has written down his thoughts, with additional work-arounds, in a blog post called Sounds Frustrating.

The prolific Judy Dixon has a new book. This one’s called “Writing Your Way: Composing and Editing on an iPhone and iPad”. It’s available here from National Braille Press. Jonathan speaks with Judy about what the book covers, and some of her favourite apps and methods for writing things in iOS.

Jonathan then speaks with Nat Armeni from The Blind Perspective. This monthly publication, produced by blind volunteers, brings news and articles from a blindness perspective.

Listener comments this week include the question of potentially conflicting accommodations, whether someone’s religion should be allowed to override legally-enacted civil rights, and the continuing discussion of the pros and cons of specialist blindness player devices versus smartphones.

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