The Blind Side Podcast 98, Ged Maheux, co-founder of Twitterrific developer The Icon Factory, talks about Twitter’s forthcoming API changes and their impact on third-party Twitter apps

We begin with an explanation of Aira’s Do More Foundation, and how it is currently raising funds to help more university students in the US become Aira explorers while they study. If you’d like to support Jonathan’s goal of raising $1,000 for the Do More Foundation, and can spare even a little, here’s the page where you can learn more and donate with any major credit card.

Jonathan Mosen then speaks with Ged Maheux, co-founder of The Icon Factory, developers of the popular Twitterrific app for iOS and Mac. Next week, Twitter is scheduled to withdraw some functions third-party Twitter apps rely on. Ged tells us about the impact of these changes, and what the future might hold for Twitter clients not developed by Twitter itself. We also explore The Icon Factory’s history, and their exemplary commitment to accessibility.

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