The book “Apple Watch Without Watching” has been cancelled for now. Refunds being issued

Hello everyone. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who ordered “Apple Watch Without Watching”.
The key point in this post is to let you know that I am now not able to complete this book in a timely manner, and that if you’ve pre-ordered it, you’ll be refunded in full and will receive an email from PayPal as soon as that’s happened. I should get through all the refunds in the next few hours, as you deserve your money back as quickly as I can manage. If you’d like a fuller explanation, read on.
When Apple Watch was announced, I received dozens of requests via our contact form asking me to write a book about it, so I made plans to do that. It required a bit of extra preparation on my part, because New Zealand, where I live, is not one of the countries where Apple Watch is being sold at present.
We’re used to some companies not shipping products here, and because of that, there are New Zealand-based services that give you a US shipping address, and for an additional fee, forward the package on to new Zealand. I’ve used one such service before to receive products from the US Apple Store, without an issue.
I waited until I had placed the order and received a confirmation email before letting people know that “Apple Watch Without Watching” was available for pre-order.
However, I have now received an email from Apple cancelling my order on the grounds that they do not ship to freight forwarding services. This may be a new policy, or I suspect it’s simply that they’re subjecting Apple Watch orders to a higher degree of scrutiny to ensure people aren’t buying up product to sell at a profit. I understand that, this product is in huge demand right now, and it’s frustrating when genuine buyers miss out only to find them on eBay for ridiculously inflated prices.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We  could of course have had the Apple Watch shipped to Bonnie’s family in the US, or to friends in the US, UK or Australia. Instead, we used a method that had worked before, but clearly hasn’t worked this time.
I’ve now lost my place in the order queue, and that means I would be  unlikely to receive an Apple Watch before the end of June. While I can do plenty of research on the watch’s use, I wouldn’t want to sell you a book written without a lot of hands-on experience with the product. I wouldn’t be able to deliver a book of a quality I’d be happy with until mid to late July at the earliest. This is far beyond when I said I would have the book published.
It’s possible that Apple Watch will be available in New Zealand before that, with a different pool of stock, but I don’t know that, and it’s not acceptable to me to leave customers hanging. I’d far rather refund the money and hope you’ll come back again, than string you along until I can deliver the book, giving you a negative impression of Mosen Consulting.
What’s also of comfort to me is that you could use the money I am refunding to buy another Apple Watch book that will, I have no doubt, be superb. Quite some way down the track of planning this project, I learned that Anna Dresner, who is an excellent technology writer, is writing a diary-style book on her use of Apple Watch as a blind person. Like all her books, it will be great, and I’m sure information on how to get that book will be available in due course.
Thanks again for all the support for this project. I may come back to it, but not until I’m certain about when I can deliver it.
To those of you who are still on the list to receive an Apple Watch, I look forward very much to hearing how you get on with it.