The First Mosen Consulting Webinar – Record Tech Demos like a Pro

Over the last month since I began Mosen Consulting, it’s been a busy old time. Working with awesome people and making a difference in their tech lives, as well as writing the first eBook and putting the e-commerce infrastructure in place. Oh, and there is also an exciting new business launching soon.


But now I’m in a position to start the webinars. This is a cost-effective way for many people to get training on topics of interest who maybe don’t have access to agency funding and can’t afford one on one training right now.


I’m keen to get your suggestions on webinar topics, but for now, head on over to take a look at, and I hope purchase, the first one. It’s called Record Tech Demos like a Pro.


Got ideas for webinar topics you’d like to see? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

1 Comment on “The First Mosen Consulting Webinar – Record Tech Demos like a Pro

  1. I just discovered your blog, Jonathan. Some very good and thought provoking articles.
    I’m probably a minority of one but I’d love a webinar on Accomplish Globals Cash Manager. I’ve recently become the Treasurer of our local ham club (silly me) and I plan to use Cash Manager. I’ve never used accounting software so don’t know where to begin.