This Weekend on the Mosen Explosion

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There’s nothing like a house warming! It’s a time to invite family and friends, some you may have seen regularly, others you may have lost touch with over the years but it’s a chance to get reconnected. It’s a chance to provide plenty of fun hospitality and great music, and a chance to do everything possible to ensure no one spills drinks on the nice new carpet.
Yep, the Mosen Explosion is throwing a welcome party as we move into our new, ultra-customised home at After well over a decade of the show, we’re still around, having made plenty of great friends along the way, and I’d be extra-thrilled if you could stop by, renew that acquaintance, and say hello.
Can you guess what the first song in this new era of the Mosen Explosion is going to be? If you think you know, leave a comment on the blog post on the Mosen Explosion site, and if you’re the first to get it right, we may just send some exotic chocolate fish from New Zealand your way!
At Mosen Towers, we’re even hoping to head out and bring all the fun of Christmas in Wellington right to you, with glorious binaural recording that will make you feel like you’re there if you listen with headphones. The day has dawned a bit gloomy weather-wise, but all being well, the Wellington Christmas parade will take place ahead of the show. If it does, Bonnie, Heidi, Richard and I’ll be there to capture the sounds and the excitement as various great parades pass by, and finally, Santa makes his grand entrance into town. It’ll be full of fun audio description and sounds from many cultures.
Bonnie and I will review the Air Supply concert from the past week in Wellington and play a few of their tracks.
There’s plenty of Christmas music in the mix as well, some Beatles and John Lennon as we remember the 33rd anniversary of his death, a look at this day in history and much, much more! Told you it was quite the party.
Now remember, this show is only heard live so if you want to be a part of the action, be there from 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, on our lovely new site
See you there!