“Touching The Future”- My Address to the Blind Citizens New Zealand Conference

On 11 October, I was pleased to address Blind Citizens New Zealand at their conference in Auckland on the subject of touch screen technology.

The conference was streamed live, and I was asked by a number of people who heard it if I could make the audio of the address available here. So here it is.

Stream the address online, or download an MP3 of the address.



  1. Andy

    I have a suggestion for future presentations. I noticed that, for many of the use cases for the iPhone, you said something like, “and with an app, I can…”

    I think it would be helpful if you could be more specific about which app you’re referring to. An app for light sources? I had no idea that existed. You can track buses? What app does that? Etc.

  2. Sukil

    I noticed that some economic information was missing. Sure, you can do all those things with an iPhone, but some apps you discussed had a high price.

  3. Dean

    there are costs in these apps but the cost is wel worth it. Its also nice all the aps are mainstream.

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