Vienna Waits for You. Great RSS Reader for Mac

My RSS world has remained in some degree of flux since the demise of Google Reader.

I am a huge fan of Feeddler Pro, an iOS app that is one of the third-party apps I use most often. Not a day goes by when I don’t use it for a good few minutes. Feeddler formerly synced with Google Reader, as did FeedDemon in Windows and news rack on the Mac. This was a beautiful thing, because my RSS feeds stayed in sync whether I was reading on my iPhone, my iPad, my Mac or my Surface Pro.

Feeddler came to the rescue just a few days before the great shut-down of 2013…well OK, perhaps the second greatest shut-down of 2013. Unfortunately, until recently, I hadn’t found a reader on either the Mac or the PC that synced with any of the services supported by Feeddler.

A huge thanks to @dysconfigurated on Twitter for introducing me to the open source Vienna RSS Reader for Mac.

Vienna supports syncing with FeedHQ, the service I also use in Feeddler, so at last I have synchronised RSS on my Mac, iPhone and iPad again.

I’ve only been using it for a short while, but it has some great features, including integration with the blogging tool I use on the Mac. So maybe I’ll send a few more news-related things this way instead of just tweeting them.

The app is packed with keyboard shortcuts, and I find I get best results when I tell Vienna to open articles in Safari rather than its own internal browser. That way, I’m able to use Safari’s Reader mode to eliminate a lot of extraneous material.

When configuring the app, I found it necessary to route my mouse pointer to the VO cursor and click on the various tabs of the Preferences dialog.

Other than that, it seems a very orthodox app from an accessibility standpoint, that has made me a very happy camper.

Now, anyone got any idea for a similar app that will sync my RSS feeds from FeedHQ with the Surface Pro?

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  1. Hello,

    I’m afraid I don’t know of anything that syncs with FeedHQ, but quickly Googling tells me that BazQux is supported by Vienna RSS, Feeddler and a Windows client called RSSOwl. I have no experience with BazQux or any of these clients. You might back everything up if you try out syncing with BazQux, just to be safe.

    Hope this helps,