We’re unboxing Apple things later today on our podcast

I hope you’re enjoying the many benefits of iOS 11, and managing to cope with its few, (hopefully very short-lived), serious bugs.

Thanks to the magic of time zones, it’s already 22 September in New Zealand. This means that New Zealanders will very shortly be getting their hands on new Apple hardware.

Still on the fence about whether to get that new Apple Watch, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus? Or do you have one on order and would like a preview, so you know what to expect?

Mosen Consulting produces a podcast which we call The Blind Side. Our philosophy since we started our company is that technology is a means to opportunity, participation, and inclusion. Therefore, The Blind Side isn’t exclusively a technology podcast. It also covers blindness-related news, and looks at political, social, and lifestyle topics from a blindness perspective. But of course, when big technology things happen that affect blind people, we’re there.

Right after Apple’s event concluded, we produced an episode recapping the event from a blindness perspective.

The day before iOS 11’s release, we published a demo of some of the new accessibility features.

And we’ll be publishing again later today, unboxing Bonnie’s new iPhone 8 Plus, and my new Apple Watch series 3. I’m waiting for the iPhone X so I can write about it and train in its use, and we’ll have a podcast on that too when the time comes.

The best way to get episodes of The Blind Side the moment they drop is to subscribe to them in a podcast app. Many people have Apple podcasts or iTunes. If that’s you, choose this link to subscribe to The Blind Side Podcast in Apple Podcasts.

If you use another podcast app, search for The Blind Side Podcast and we should come right up.

We’re available through TuneIn, making it easy to call us up from Amazon Echo or Google Home.

You can also browse and listen to all our episodes via the web. The player is accessible and you can download episodes to keep.

If you’re treating yourself to new hardware, I hope it fulfils your expectations. For many, it’s a big decision involving sacrifices, yet we make them because this technology makes a difference.

Best of luck and thank you for your support.

2 Comments on “We’re unboxing Apple things later today on our podcast

  1. Jonathan a quick question as it relates to podcasts in ios 11.
    Is there a way now to make the Apple Podcast app play all unplayed episodes either of a show like yours, or if you like me subscribe to many with new stuff daily? Before this was the default, now however when an episode finishes, you have to back out to the menu, click the next one, then click play. Is there a better way to do this?

    • I’m not a daily user of this app myself, preferring Overcast. Perhaps someone who uses it regularly can chime in.