3: Our comprehensive Apple event preview, sayings said to you in your childhood, ketogenic eating, other tech and more

Hi again at largers! There’s plenty about the forthcoming Apple event and iOS 13 this week, including a look at what we can expect on the hardware front and what some of us wish for. I briefly demonstrate the powerful new Voice Control functions of iOS 13.

I answer a listener question about how and why I chose to adopt ketogenic eating, and its many health benefits.

It definitely won’t be happening this year, but could Touch ID be returning to future iPhones?

We hear that some users are holding onto older iPhones due to concerns about losing the Home Button. Is this a factor for you? What is it about the Home button that makes you want to keep it around?

I reflect on another remarkable week in the UK as they struggle with Brexit.

I tell the story of why I ended up getting my mouth washed out with soap.

We look at what’s coming up in watchOS 6 including the possibility of sleep tracking.

I talk a bit about my experiences with task tracking apps, and compare the new, rewritten Reminders app in iOS 13 with Omnifocus and Todoist. Todoist is now my personal favourite.

In other tech news,WD introduces a new range of My Passport drives, Sonos has new devices including its first battery-operated speaker, and Roomba wants to mow your lawns.



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