Are you into home automation? Share your experiences with us for a special podcast episode

If you’ve had experience with automating any aspect of your home, from heating to sound to lights to security and more, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m putting a special episode of The Blind Side Podcast together on the topic.

I’ve been enjoying our own home automation project, but accessories are quite limited here in New Zealand, for reasons I’ll explain in the podcast. So it would be great to get a range of perspectives and solutions.

You’re welcome to demonstrate what you have if you like, or simply describe it. What have you automated. Are you using it with HomeKit, Alexa, Google or something else? Do you have scenes or routines to simplify frequent tasks?

You can record an audio file, remembering that if you’re going to be using text-to-speech, be sure to have it at a speed that those who don’t use that TTS engine regularly will understand. Email a link to the post, or if it’s not too big, attach it to an email, and send it to TheBlindSide at mosen dot org. You’re also welcome to write down your experiences and send them to that address.

You can also call the feedback line for The Blind Side, at (719(270-5114.

If you’re willing to share your experience with the community, I’d be grateful to have your contribution by midnight Eastern US time on Monday 6 August.

I look forward to a fascinating podcast on a subject that has exciting accessibility benefits.