The Blind Side Podcast 97, Aira is 24/7, should all guide dog schools allow blind people to own their dogs, and Darian Slayton Fleming talks about the documentary she’s making about her late husband John

Jonathan is seeking feedback on any experience listeners have had with home automation, in advance of a special episode on the topic. If you’ve dabbled in home automation, let us know what you have and how it’s working for you. We’d love to make this an episode with a range of perspectives and solutions.

We celebrate Aira going 24/7, and ask for your views on whether all guide dog schools should allow handlers to purchase their dogs.

Our feature story is an interview with Darian Slayton Fleming, who is hoping to make a documentary about her late husband John, believed to be the first blind person to sky dive without a tandem partner.

Find out more about the movie at its website, or visit its Facebook page.

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