ASB Bank’s iOS App Significantly more Accessible

Traditionally, ASB, a New Zealand bank, have always shown an interest in accessibility. I’ve used FastNet, their Internet banking system, for years because it provides an excellent experience with screen readers.


After some changes a couple of years back which caused accessibility issues, they added code that detects when a screen reader is present, and optimises the code for accessibility, with ARIA landmarks among other useful enhancements.


Until today, the ASB iOS app has fallen short of the standard we’ve come to expect from ASB when it comes to accessibility. But they’ve now made dramatic improvements.


While I’ve not used every feature of the app, as a totally blind user of VoiceOver, the screen reader built into iOS devices, I was able to log in without difficulty, check my account balances, and even pay a bill. (Yes, the things we do in the name of evaluating apps).


While some of the controls displays lists of items, such as payees, are wrongly described as edit boxes, they do still function as expected when activated. All the tabs and main elements of the app are fully accessible and well labeled.


The integration with services like TradeMe in this app is genius, and it’s good that as a customer who happens to be blind, I now have access to these handy services when on the go.


Well done, ASB, keep it up.