Episode 164: More on Apples Braille bugs, a guide to help you teach iPhone to the sighted, and disabled New Zealanders protest the appointment of a nondisabled person to a key role

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


More on ongoing Apple Braille bugs,0:30

Can’t find how to turn iPhone auto-lock off,14:04

Various Apple thoughts and Overdrive improves accessibility,15:47

Backpack Studio latency issue,20:32

What Apple Watch should I buy?,22:44

How does the iOS 15.4 face ID face mask feature play with VoiceOver?,28:38

Poor telco customer service, and how do you advocate for accessibility when you
can’t get past the front line?,30:25

Tim’s New Hearing Aids part 2,43:06

Alexa skill for Samsung TVs,50:58

Feedback on service from Freedom Scientific,52:48

More on self-description,54:20

Protest rally after a nondisabled person is appointed Establishment Director for
New Zealand’s Ministry for Disabled People,1:02:44

Keyboards for controlling multiple devices,1:16:09

Telling whether lights are on or off with a voice command,1:21:42

Accessibility issues with Monday.com,1:22:59

Accessible treadmill feedback,1:24:05

A comprehensive guide on teaching iPhone to the sighted,1:25:36

Does a Chromebook have Home and End commands?,1:45:35

Blind Ghetto products,1:47:25

I hate the word rehab,1:56:09

Closing and contact info,2:00:58