Episode 207: The Windows Start Menu verbosity saga, Mastodon continues to gain traction, and the need to make data journalism accessible

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome Maine,0:00

Tweesecake launches a new Mastodon instance,2:13

Follow Mosen at Large on Mastodon,6:47

The Windows Start Menu took a temporary productivity hit for screen

Another Eset update,21:24

Amateur radio,26:49

Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Flip,36:02

Going back to the hotel that didn’t want us,41:24

Mosen at the Museum,59:06

Siri is being flaky,1:02:54

My iPhone is rebooting spontaneously,1:07:21

Apple’s texting via satellite is live in the US,1:10:17

Some thoughts on voice assistants,1:12:55

All blind people are the same and thoughts on Uber,1:22:55

Johny Cassidy discusses making data journalism accessible,1:30:08

Closing and contact info,2:01:32