Coming up on Mosen at Large 207, The Windows Start Menu just got more chatty, listener thoughts on returning to the scene of discrimination, and making data journalism more accessible

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Here’s what’s coming up in our next two-hour show that’s got the blind community talking.

I have been sounding the alarm for some time about Microsoft apparently not understanding the distinction between accessibility and productivity. Something can be fully accessible while being time-consuming and unpleasant to use. We’ve seen it in Edge, we’ve seen it in Teams, and now, out of the blue, it has even come to the Windows Start Menu. Have you done a Windows update in the last few days? If so, even if you’re still on Windows 10, you are likely to have noticed that typing the partial name of an app into the edit field now returns a more verbose response. This verbosity is needless and adds no value at all while slowing blind people down. I’ll demonstrate the problem and then demonstrate a workaround.

A couple of weeks ago on The Bonnie Bulletin, we discussed the pros and cons of returning to a hotel that was the scene of a guide dog discrimination incident. This week, listeners have their say.

There are some follow-up comments on ham radio, iOS things, and more on Eset.

Johny Cassidy is a BBC journalist who’s taking some time out at Oxford to research the important matter of data journalism. Many sighted people are visual learners, so increasingly, news stories are full of infographics and other graphical data that is not always made accessible. I talk to Johny about this important topic.

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