Episode 51: The text-to-speech engines you love and loathe, things to know when buying a Braille display, and the controversy surrounding IAAP

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. A reminder that this podcast is indexed by chapter. If you listen with a podcast client that offers chapter support, you can easily skip between segments.

Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


Buying and using a Braille display,2:15


Thoughts on text-to-speech engines,20:20

Various thoughts on TTS and Braille displays,30:19

Direct transfer between Focus and iPhone,46:49

Getting smoother Braille in JAWS,50:27

The International Association of Accessibility

Read the NFB’s resolutions including the one concerning

Read IAAP’s point-by-point

Comments on testing and IAAP,1:37:25

USB Braille displays and iOS,1:40:40

What if your Braille display has a melt-down when you need it most?,1:43:28

Thoughts on Braille and TTS,1:47:11

The word blind and perceptions of blindness,1:52:34

Various comments including another markdown editor recommendation,2:02:46

Another blind person burned by limitations in Sony’s new TV range,2:05:28