Episode 52: Reflections as the ADA turns 30, the secrets of effective advocacy, people-first language, smart homes, TTS preferences and Braille displays

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

Thanks for checking out another episode, and I trust you’re doing OK during what
in much of the world is still a very difficult time.

Happy 30th anniversary to the ADA, which is a big focus of this week’s show.
Here’s what’s in store for you this week.


Reflections and questions on the ADA’s 30th anniversary,2:15.404

The blind vending programme in the US,14:08.061

Are we too willing to accept a life of living off the Government?,19:22.390

Is people-first language actually hurting us? And what is the secret to
successful advocacy,24:00.371

I’m in high school. What is realistic for me to aspire to for a

The term visually impaired confuses people,45:46.501

More thoughts on Braille displays,50:26.644

TTS voices we love and loathe,1:01:32.835

How do you start building a smart home?,1:17:01.756

Terminology and smart home thoughts,1:27:22.988

Tips for running Windows on a Mac,1:30:01.854

Why some blind Americans confuse sense and since,1:35:18.439

TTS and Braille comments,1:39:31.846

The advice given to parents of blind kids can make or break lives,1:43:17.583

Proctoring has privacy risks,1:46:02.158

special tableware for blind people? It’s essential apparently,1:48:04.661

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