Episode 56: Apple excludes blind people from its first ever watchOS public beta, and that’s not OK

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.


Apple excludes blind people from the watchOS public beta,2:15. Even if you
don’t own an Apple Watch yourself but believe we all benefit when as many blind
people have as much time to provide constructive feedback to Apple as possible,
please sign and share my petition. You can find it at

Listener comments on the watchOS public beta,15:25

Is Siri getting really slow for anyone else?,40:12

Audible.com changes and questions,41:26

watchOS beta, using Uber and more,1:40:06

David Kingsbury fromThe CarrollCenter’s new book When One Web Browser is not

Integrating note taking on your iPhone with other devices and tasks,1:45:33

A Sydney perspective on a bunch of issues,1:52:14

Being taught piano remotely,1:57:12

Petition reminder and closing,1:59:13