Episode 57: Why are email lists so badly behaved, Braille magazines we used to read, Apple betas and more

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Low carb podcast coming later this week,2:15.477

Email lists,4:55.457

“Who still uses a Braille watch, and Braille magazines from days of

Aira limits its five minute call offer,30:32.118

Accessible DVD ripper for Windows,32:34.265

More views on how accessible the web is,34:21.245

Update and comments on the Apple beta petition,39:37.685

Latest iOS 14 public beta, some steps forward, some steps back,57:55.094

Siri performance and knowledge,1:04:06.954

How do I get Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer back in a new Windows 10

Use of the word Blind,1:12:02.730

TalkDescription to me podcast and COVID 19 in New Zealand,1:18:10.960

Sony Bravia tips,1:25:55.961

Do light therapy boxes work for blind people with no light

Is there such a thing as blind culture?,1:28:21.150

Editing audio and video in Windows,1:31:24.487

Healthcare Things it can be hard to learn without one on one

External recording with an iPhone now there is no headphone jack,1:36:54.939

iOS email client that plays a different sound for each account,1:38:39.313

Send us your demonstrations of old technology,1:40:46.813

Closing and contact info,1:44:01.329

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