Episode 59: Learning to cook, upgrading and backing up a hard drive, Apple opinions, tech memories and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

Thanks for checking out another episode, and for all the great listener
contributions that make this show what it is.

Here’s what’s in store for you this week.

Introduction and advisory of a special episode featuring Larry Skutchan,0:00.000

This week I did something heart-sinkingly stupid,3:08.872

Importing files into Ulysses for iOS,9:11.978

Taking a full computer backup,11:15.282

An opponent of my Apple public beta petition has a change of heart,15:13.788

iTunes for Windows bug,22:19.194

Beta testing iOS,24:13.132

We should be grateful,26:57.783

Feedback on the low carb episode,31:09.051

How did you learn to cook?,42:09.364

Is it worth beta testing iOS?,50:19.260

Is it worth upgrading a PC hard drive to solid state and how is it

Me versus I,1:00:30.635

Blindness email lists,1:02:28.491

Technology memories,1:06:16.599

Braille magazine memories,1:15:41.455

Braille watches,1:17:01.536

Can’t hear the podcast on QCast,1:21:37.375

Why can’t people find my podcast?,1:23:43.660

Where’s the prog rock?,1:27:36.701

Revisiting the question of hearing multiple sources from the same

In The Bonnie Bulletin we are eating and preparing food,1:32:25.286

Thoughts from the UK on Winamp and more,1:40:17.826

Tech memories and trying to pre-record a radio show,1:45:08.073

Closing announcement,1:51:53.181

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