Episode 61: Tech questions and hints, more walks down tech memory lane, staying organised in the kitchen and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

Thanks for checking out another episode, and for all the great listener
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Here’s what’s in store for you this week.


Father’s Day,2:15.648

Special podcast devoted to audiobooks coming out mid-week,2:45.175

Anyone using the Orbit Writer?,3:54.173

Horrible CAPTCHA,5:56.212

CD ripper recommendations,11:12.007

DVD ripping recommendations and video editing,14:21.605

Most accessible email newsletter software,15:16.246

WordPress accessibility,17:22.783

Google listens, a positive accessibility experience,20:09.323

Braille magazine memories,25:20.156

Amazon accessibility issue that was fixed is now broken again, and no one seems
to be listening”,25:58.744

How does a blind person handle artwork when establishing a podcast?,30:57.995

A lost technology story dramatised for podcast by Jonathan Mosen,35:00.544

JAWS BrailleIn,36:54.729

Are QR codes excluding us from accessing some services?,39:24.226

Accessible Samsung TV,45:18.170

Is there anything you can do to get an app from your old iPhone to your new one
when the app is no longer in the Store?,46:49.931

BackPackStudio has a big update in the Store,52:10.174

Low-tech ideas for functioning in the kitchen and the need for Braille labels on
commercial items,53:18.843

Good Maps Explorer is in the US AppStore,1:01:44.856

Bleeping Facebook,1:04:39.318

Thoughts on various topics raised on previous shows,1:06:57.433

Which iPhone should I get?,1:16:04.433

Another walk down technology memory lane,1:18:00.257

Good zoom practices and Zoom adds a high fidelity option,1:28:49.315

How do you get Cortana to talk to Gmail?,1:31:12.573

Can I be a fluent Braille reader if I start in my 50s?,1:34:27.619

The Envision smart glasses show a lot of promise,1:37:48.658


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