Episode 62: Listener reflections on audiobooks, and introducing Libro.fm for access to over 150,000 DRM-free audiobooks

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

Thanks for checking out another episode, and for all the great listener
contributions that make this show what it is.

This episode is devoted to audiobooks.


Listener thoughts on Audiobooks,2:15

Introducing Libro.fm, offering a library of over 150,000 cage-free audiobooks
that support your local book store,36:33


Thanks to the team at Libro.fm for working with us on a couple of promotions.
When you sign up for a monthly plan for $14.95 with Libro.fm, use the coupon
code Mosen and get an extra audiobook. This offer doesn’t expire, so no matter
when you’re stumbling upon this episode, give it a try. You can activate the
offer by choosing this link.

Also, if you make a contribution by email for next week’s show, be it through an
audio attachment or written down, and you let me know you’d like to be put into
the draw, you could win three free months of Libro.fm membership.